Tenant FAQs

How much is this going to cost me?

Nothing. Your landlord is investing in solar for both his and your benefit. All costs associated with the installation, metering changes and applications are borne by the landlord.

So I’m going to save money without spending any?

Correct. With the Landlord Energy model, your landlord invests in solar and you then pay only 20c per kW for the power you use from the solar system. This can be a saving as high as 53% on grid prices. It’s your job to make the most of that cheap juice!

How much will I save?

That depends on several factors. If yours is a Mon – Sat, 7am – 5pm business, chances are pretty good you will be discounted on up to 70-80% of your business’ electricity usage. If you use 24 hour fridge or freezing equipment, you will still use a fair bit of grid power, because solar works during daylight hours. Our consultants can give you an accurate indication of your potential savings with solar based around your business operations.

Do I still need a contract with an electricity retailer?

Yes. In fact, you’ll need to sign a supply agreement with one of our Partnered Electricity Retailers for your electricity. These are the only electricity retailers in the country offering this discount on a single bill. Your monthly power bill will arrive with itemized details of your solar use, grid use and solar export. There are other companies offering a discount for solar power consumed but all of them use a double billing model, one from them and another from your retailer. In addition, most of these companies charge you a monthly fee as well for the privilege of getting a discount! Ask yourself, do you really want another monthly invoice in your inbox?

I’ve used the same retailer for years. What if I don’t want to switch to one of your Partners?

You don’t have to, but without switching to one of these Partners, you will not enjoy the discounts and in fact, your landlord will probably not invest in the solar system.

How long does it take to install, will my day to day operation be affected and do I lose power?

Installation times vary according to system size, access, system configuration and weather. Generally, our installation teams can install on average 15-20kW of solar panels per day. If access to your roof is reasonably straightforward, your daily activities shouldn’t be affected at all. Naturally, our install teams will want to speak with you regarding inverter placements, switchboard access or issues and maybe get your permission to dispose of packaging in preferred areas. Please understand also, all solar installations need to be inspected and approved by the Clean Energy Council before getting grid connected. This usually happens 5-10 days after the installation. As far as losing power goes, we will need to switch off your electricity for around 20 mins for system testing after install. This can arranged late in the working day if needed.