We help you save money on energy costs

Save up to 53% on your grid energy costs without spending a cent


Boost your bottom line while making a positive environmental impact

You work hard for your money but the uncertainty around electricity costs makes it harder to predict just how healthy your bottom line is.
At Landlord Energy, we’ve created a way for you to save between 33-53% on your grid energy costs without spending a cent. In fact, your Landlord will invest in a solar system on your behalf, tailored to suit your businesses specific needs AND it will substantially reduce your electricity costs.
As community expectations increase, it’s becoming more and more important to have a company policy around your ‘carbon footprint’.
Naturally, you’ve swapped your lighting, implemented recycling systems and would really like to get solar, but why would you? It’s not your building you’re working out of. Working with Landlord Energy you can now add solar power to your company’s environmental credentials, boosting your green reputation and saving money. All with your landlords money.
If you like the idea of saving on your energy spend and taking to market your new green credentials, why not investigate the possibility of Landlord sponsored solar?
If you spend between $750 and $2,500 per month on electricity, you may benefit from the Landlord Energy model.

The Advantages


Boost Profits


Reduce Emissions


Give your business Green Credentials


Stay on top of the changing energy landscape

How it works

Step 1.

Landlord Energy undertake site assessment to determine your property’s suitability for solar

Step 2.

Landlord Energy approach your landlord on your behalf, presenting your case.

Step 3.

Landlord Energy present 2 case studies, 1 for you, 1 for your Landlord.

Step 4.

If all parties agree, you sign an exclusivity agreement with our Partnered Electricity Retailer who will invoice you for both solar and grid consumed electricity. (without this agreement, the discounted solar power cannot be offered to you).

Step 5.

Landlord Energy installs the system and organises all necessary applications and paperwork for both you and your Landlord including switching electricity retailers.

Step 6.

Your new electricity Retailer will invoice you in the usual manner but with discounted solar power consumed and grid power consumed itemized separately on your bill.

Ready to make yearly savings?

Are you a landlord wanting to know more about Landlord Energy benefits?

How much is this going to cost me?

Nothing. Your landlord is investing in solar for both his and your benefit. All costs associated with the installation, metering changes and applications are borne by the landlord.

So I’m going to save money without spending any?

Correct. With the Landlord Energy model, your landlord invests in solar and you then pay only 20c per kW for the power you use from the solar system. This can be a saving as high as 53% on grid prices. It’s your job to make the most of that cheap juice!

How much will I save?

That depends on several factors. If yours is a Mon – Sat, 7am – 5pm business, chances are pretty good you will be discounted on up to 70-80% of your business’ electricity usage. If you use 24 hour fridge or freezing equipment, you will still use a fair bit of grid power, because solar works during daylight hours. Our consultants can give you an accurate indication of your potential savings with solar based around your business operations.