A Solar Solution that works for both Landlord & Tenant

Earn a passive income while your tenants make savings


Increase your income and still deliver big savings to your tenants

At LANDLORD ENERGY we have taken the risk out of investing in solar power for your commercial premises by getting your tenant to pay for the systems CapEx through their power bill.

By working with Landlord Energy, the cost of the system is paid for by your tenant, monthly.

Your tenant, provided they agree, will pay between 33 – 53% LESS for the solar power they consume in their day to day operations than if they stayed on the grid.

Once the cheaper solar power invoice is paid by your tenant, that money then goes to you, which covers the upfront cost of the solar system.

If your commercial tenant uses 70% of the solar power generated in their day to day business operations (assuming Mon-Sat 7am to 5pm) your Return On Investment can be extremely quick.

Once the system is paid for and assuming you have solid tenants, that monthly income becomes a regular, passive income for the life of the system, some 25 years.

The Advantages


Tax incentives for depreciable asset


Increased property value


More attractive proposition for incoming tenants


Happy tenants


20 years passive income that increases as power prices do

How it works

Step 1.

Landlord Energy undertake site assessment to determine your property’s suitability for solar

Step 2.

You, your agent or Landlord Energy approach your tenant with the solar proposal

Step 3.

Landlord Energy present 2 proposals, 1 for you, 1 for your tenant

Step 4.

If all parties agree, your tenant signs an exclusivity agreement with our Partnered Electricity Retailer who will invoice your tenant for both solar and grid consumed electricity. (without this agreement, the discounted solar power cannot be offered to your tenant)

Step 5.

You arrange funding for the solar system. Landlord Energy can help here.

Step 6.

Landlord Energy installs the system and organises all necessary applications and paperwork for both you and your tenant

Step 7.

Landlord Energy will then handle all admin associated with disbursement of funds to your nominated entity every month or quarterly as the case may be.

Ready to kickstart your passive income stream?

Are you a tenant interested in saving up to 53% on your power costs with solar?

How do I know if my property is suitable?

There are a number of criteria involved. Some questions you should ask:

  • Are my tenants interested in saving money?
  • How much power do my tenants use per day/per year?
  • What condition is my roof? Does it face the right way?
  • Can my roof fit the right ‘size’ system to meet my tenants needs adequately?

Your Landlord Energy consultant will walk through all these pre-requisites with both you and your tenant, at no obligation to you or your tenant. Not all properties are suitable for solar and let’s be honest, not all tenants want their landlord interfering in their day to day operations, even if it’s going to save them money!

It’s true, I try not to involve myself in my tenants business. How can I convince them this is a good thing to do?

Your Landlord Energy consultant can present a compelling case on your behalf, provided your tenant wants to listen. A tenant may be concerned the installation of a solar system will interrupt their operations or feel solar power is not ‘strong enough’ to keep their machines running. Your expert Landlord Energy consultant will explain the process in detail to your tenant including possible down time, access points, inspections, commissioning and billing.

What if my tenant moves out?

If your tenant doesn’t renew their lease, the next tenant will inherit a money saving solar system with their lease. If the property remains vacant for a time and the power is still connected, you will earn export dollars via the Feed In Tariff, but not as much as if the building was tenanted. The fact you have a money saver on the roof will incentivise prospective tenants to choose your building over your neighbours.