Our Company

Each member of the Landlord Energy team is a dedicated solar professional, collectively amassing an impressive 35+ years of solar experience. The team cover every aspect of the renewable energy spectrum, from electrical engineers to system designers, installers to electricity retail experts. Their installation portfolio runs from residential solutions right through to solar ‘farms’. Together, their cumulative focus is to present the ‘solar solution’ to as many as possible across Australia as we all move toward a renewable energy future.

The dedicated and committed team of experts that make up the partnership team at Landlord Energy have offices throughout Australia and abroad and are often called on by the government both locally and federally to contribute their expertise in policy and implementation into the rapidly changing National Energy Market.​

Recognising a market segment that has been virtually left behind in the uptake of rooftop solar, that being the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) rental market, the partners set about finding a solar solution for this niche. Working together with several national licensed electricity retailers, an elegant single bill model was created and is now being rolled out across this demographic.

LANDLORD ENERGY is the result and offers incentives to both business owner and building owner to invest in solar power, a renewable energy revolution that together with wind and hydropower will create a cleaner future for our kids and grandkids, and their kids, too.